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Scar Therapy The treatment of scars can involve a number of skin therapy options which help to remove or minimize scarring.  Scarring can occur for a number of reasons and in most all areas of the body, yet scarring on the face due to acne is one of the most prevalent scar treatment requests.  Many skin care professionals are offering some of the most impressive scar removal therapies to date in the medical world.

Acne Scar Therapy

Microdermabrasion is one treatment option that can significantly improve overall skin tone and appearance while eliminating shallower acne scars.  Typically, most people require a minimum of six treatments to achieve the desired results.

Photo rejuvenation acne scar therapy involves the use of intense pulsed light to treat mild acne scarring by stimulating new collagen formation.  Acne is also treated with this option, and certain lights promote the removal of acne causing bacteria.  Repeat treatments are necessary to achieve the desired results as each treatment is minimally invasive.

Scar excision involves surgically removing acne scars that are deeper.  This type of therapy works best on ice pick and boxcar scars.  The excision is typically in the shape of a punch that is closed with stitches that can be taken out a week after the procedure.  Minimal scarring from the removal may be present after healing and further skin rejuvenation treatments may be performed on that area to help lighten and remove the scar.  A comparable scar therapy option, acne scar subcision, involves the use of a medical tool to remove the scar tissue so that new skin can form when ice pick scars or rolling scars have marred the skin.

Laser resurfacing removes skin cells layer by layer, removing scar tissue and smoothing out the skin.  Heat that is created by the laser helps to tighten the skin.  As the skin heals and reconfigures itself over time, the final results smoother and more even textured skin with no scars.  Acne laser resurfacing may be performed in conjunction with other acne scar treatments if the condition of the skin calls for alternative treatments. 

Depending on the patient’s skin type and its condition, one treatment or another may be recommended for the thorough removal of scars.  Each patient’s skin is different and a skin care professional can discuss which scar therapy option is best.

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